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How to Maintain the Machine


1) The operator should always add drops of oil on each tufting machine moving parts to reduce mechanical wear.

2) periodically check whether the screws are tightened, you should promptly locked.

3) keep clean rail and screw to prevent debris adhering to the rail or screw, affect the positioning accuracy.

4) ensure that the electrical box in the airy working environment, avoid moisture or high temperature environments, prevent electrical boxes severe vibration.

5) electrical box does not work in an environment of strong electromagnetic fields, or it may appear non-controlled situations.

6) Input power wiring to correct (red, blue, yellow lines were connected to 380 volt three-phase line, green line zero line, green and yellow wire to ground wire), Pin Code: 1,2,3 for 380V phase line, 4 zero line, 5 ground. Operating voltage to stabilize and maintain the AC380 ± 10V, high voltage electronic components may cause burning.

7) prohibits tapping the touch screen with a hard object, otherwise it will lead to decreased sensitivity, and even smashed the glass screen.

8) prohibits too vigorously pulling cable.

9) a high voltage electrical box, when faulty, non-professionals do not disassemble, to prevent electric shock, or even destroy system data.

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